Single Drunk Female

Jan 2, 2023 - 05:11
Jan 5, 2023 - 11:05
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Single Drunk Female

Another Sofia Black D'Eliia Special

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A public flameout at a New York media company forces 20-something alcoholic Samantha Fink to move back home with her overbearing mother; Samantha then sets out on a path to figure out her best self while confronted with remnants of her old life.

After a terribly embarrassing public meltdown, alcoholic Samantha Fink has only one chance to avoid jail time. She needs to stay sober and move back in with her bossy mother, Carol. Back in the Boston area, Samantha tries to make the best of the situation. However, that's easier said than done. Samantha is confronted with the ghosts of her past, which drove her to alcohol addiction. And then there's her mother, who was conspicuous by her absence when Samantha was young, and now meddles in everything and showers her with sage advice. At first Samantha is reluctant to take a new path, but when her childhood best friend Brit reveals surprising news, Samantha has to admit that her partying life can't go on like this

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